The costume

Men’s Costume

Men traditionally wear:

– a pair of leather trousers (or wool), black or brown, narrow and knee length;
– red waistcoat;
– white shirt (possibly in linen);
– silk tie,
– black jacket;
– white socks;
– belt in embroidered leather or a white cummerband;
– top hat or fur cap;
– long silver chain hanging from the bodice with coins and a pocket watch attached to the end

Women’s Costume

Women traditionally wear:

– a dress called “camejot”, consisting of a red blue or purple green bustier and a wide black wool pleated skirt, though there were also other colors: bordeaux, brown, green or blue. The bustier and skirt had trimmings of yellow silk or golden ribbons;
– white linen shirt;
– collar with embroidery and lace;
– white or red (for winter) undercoat;
– knickers with lace;
– apron in wool muslin with floral print;
– long white socks;
– flowered ribbon around the waist;
– silver broaches and hairpins made of silver filigree in their skilfully braided hair;
– hair combs made of bone, decorated with beads;
– coral and silver necklaces;
– coral earrings

Text taken from the book “N bal lènch 50 egn” by Claudia Conta

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